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Thursday Treats... Because Fat Friday Is Just Too Far Away

Thursday treats stuffing our faces

Okay, so you're probably thinkin' were pretty thick because Friday comes straight after Thursday so it's not even that far. But...we need that sugar, People!

 If we ain't all talkin' about food then we're usually munchin' on down. So, a post on our obsession was definately needed.(I'm eatin' aTwirl Chococlate bar as we speak).


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Tired Tuesday

Tired Tuesdays Inspiration

It's Tuesday, it's the start of the working week and the weekend seriously aint comin' quick enough. This post Is to get you feelin' all cozy and warm because that hangover just ain't shiftin' from Saturday night, you're downin' coffee like there's no tomorrow, and your lazy eye just won't open.

Yeah, attractive we know but defo true- Hello Tired Tuesdays.

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Gurl we're lovin' that leather

With most trends, specific materials work alongside them to create a fierce outfit which results in us feeling so, so good. By adding specific textures it can take our outfit from a borin' 3 to an amazin' 10..

Right now we're seriously crushin' on leather. Whether its a skirt, pant, jacket or even a shoe here at EGO we just seriously can't get enough. 


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EGO Talks: Casey kins

Here at EGO we really love to connect with Bloggers and we have a real treat in store for you! We have got an exclusive Q & A with Casey Kins so we can get to know her a little better than just the stories she tell's through her beautiful images.

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Get In Line- EGO Faves Just In

Styling up the Zina Booties

It's that time of year people, the time when it's appropriate to be wearin' long knits, boots and basically shoving just about anything on to keep you fightin' against the cold. So, with this in mind here at EGO we thought why not make those kinda outfits amazing and this can simply be done by struttin' on out in some of our new (and amazing) boots.

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It's Friday - Treat Yoself!

It's Friday the 13th! You won't be getting any bad luck today.. we have a little treat in store for you so you can Shop till you Drop! Keep on Scrollin' to Find The 10% Discount Code for Sitewide! The Autumn Season is well upon us now and it's time to treat yourself and update your seasonal wardrobe!

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