Green Heels

It's our green heels that are going to grab the most envious looks, of course. From dark green heels to khaki green, you can be sure we will have you dressing to impress with these heels from EGO. We have the most glamorous range of green block heels, green-heeled sandals, and much more, so why not take a look and find your next gorgeous green slay today?

Perfect for a night on the town, a day out socialising with friends, or to wear at the office, our green high heels will turn heads wherever you go, especially paired with one of our stunning green dresses. All of our heels make a statement, but our green heels will take your fashion game to new heights.

You can always be party-ready with green-heeled sandals from EGO. Regardless of whether you are going for dark green heels or going wilder with some green-heeled sandals, you can be sure that we have you covered. Add in a shoulder bag to complete any fit that’ll have you looking like a sophisticated queen, regardless of the setting. 

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